Membership Regulations for Dhaka YMCA
- Applications are open in general for associate and special membership only.
- Any young man/woman who attained 18 years of age having good moral character, agreeable with the purpose of YMCA, irrespective of class, creed of race etc. is eligible to apply for associate membership.
- Full membership is given to those Associate Members who promise to accept and abide by PARIS BASIS.

Types of Membership
i) Associate
ii) Special

Monthly Membership fee: 50 Taka only
When apply for membership you need to pay full 01 year membership fee including other charges of Taka 800.00

Special Membership:
Special Membership is given to all applicants with validity for six (06) months on providing Photostat copies of the passport’s first and second pages/visa section and the air route he/she will take. After which period he/she may become an associate member.

Special Membership Fee:
Tk. 1,000.00 (one thousand only)

Necessary Documents for apply:
Two copies recent photograph (1 passport size and 1 stamp size)
Photocopy of National ID Card/Passport
Photocopy of Student ID card (for student only)
Reference from 02 full member of Dhaka YMCA
01 year membership fee and other charges (800.00 Taka)