The Dhaka YMCA (Dhaka Young Men’s Christian Association) is a place that nearly anyone can join. It started out as a common place for young men to develop themselves by religiously and socially.
Here are some of the benefits of joining the Dhaka YMCA:

Classes - Dhaka YMCA offers many courses that you and your family members can join. There are Computer course, Spoken and General English course, IELTS, Office Management course and many other types of classes for your enjoyment. Sign up with the Dhaka YMCA and then take some classes at a reduced cost to get the greatest benefits to joining the YMCA.

Games - One of the best benefits of joining the YMCA is the indoor games and recreation. There are various games for our member as like carom board, table tennis, badminton, basketball, chess etc.

Youth Programs-
Youth programs are a constant at the YMCA where young men can share their views, thoughts and develop themselves.

Exposure/trips - Dhaka YMCA often offers exposure/trips for its member. Being a member means that you get a discounted price on the exposure/trips and you will have a great time.

Publications - Being a member of Dhaka YMCA you will get all publications as like magazine, souvenir without any cost.

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