School Rules

i) The Students shall come properly dressed in uniform everyday.
ii) The Parents are requested to provide tiffin (snacks) to their children in a proper hygienic box.
iii) The Parents are requested to send their children to the school at least 15 minutes before the commencement of class.
iv) The parents/Guardians are requested not to enter in the school premises.
v) The parents are requested to pick up their children before 1:30 pm positively. The school shall not be responsible for the students not picked up in time.
vi) If a child is absent from class, the parents/guardians should explain in writing as to the reason of absence. Without showing the proper reason of absent of 3 days taka 50/- will be charged as a fine with the monthly fee.
vii) The school authority will not be responsible for any accident of any child outside the school premises.
viii) The school authority will not be responsible the loss of any toys that the child may bring to school.
ix) Any complaint regarding the management of school should be brought to the notice of the General Secretray of Dhaka YMCA.
x) No refund will be made in case of discontinuance of classes by a student.
xi) Right of admissions is reserved.

When a student in transferring permanently from school, should be given written application to the school office as early as possible. All fees are to be cleared update, for the issuance of the student’s current record and a letter of transfer.

At the end of each Term the student’s progress will be assessed and the parents will be invited to parents-teachers meeting.
→ Student ID card will be issued after admission and for the lost one Taka 80/- will be charged.
→ Any change of address or phone number should be given to the school office as soon as possible.