Tuition Fee & Charges

Admission Fee: [for new student]
Admission Fee: Play Group, Nursery & kindergarten - 3500.00
Class I to Class V - 4000.00
Class VI to Class IX - 4500.00
Building Charge: 500.00
Utility Charge : 500.00
Health Care & Sanitation etc. : 400.00
Sports & Cultural : 500.00
Printing & Stationaries : 400.00
Poor Fund : 200.00
Total : Play Group, Nursery & kindergarten - 6000.00
Class I to Class V - 6500.00
Class VI to Class IX - 7000.00

Admission Fee: [for old student]
Total : Play Group, Nursery & kindergarten - 5000.00
Class I to Class V - 5500.00
Class VI to Class IX - 6000.00

Other Fees/Charges
1st Term Examination Fee : 200.00
2nd Term Examination Fee : 200.00
Final Examination Fee: 200.00
Class Party *
Yearly Picnic *
* will be announced before program

Monthly Tuition Fee
Play Group to Class V : 600.00
Class VI & VII : 700.00
Class VIII to X : 800.00

Tuition Fee & Charges
a) All School fees must be paid in cash by the 15th of each month. Fees for vacation months must be paid in advance before the school closes.
b) Failure to pay the fees by the 15th of each month will result in the payment of Taka 20/- (Twenty) as fine and must have to pay the fine along with the next month fee.
C) Fees unpaid for three months will result in the child’s name being struck off the rolls and examination result will not publish. Reminders of unpaid fees will be given before this action is taken.
d) Fees unpaid for more than Three months student will not allow to attend the Exam.
e) Fees will be accepted only at school office during office day and time.